Being an independent author/publisher isn’t easy and isn’t always fun, and is often lonely and frustrating. Here are links to some other folks who are doing it and doing it well. We at MoonHowler Press hope you’ll show them some support.

Devyn Dawson — Devyn mostly writes romantic young adult fiction and she is one of the best there is at it. She’s also just a super nice, helpful lady.

David R. Lewis/Iron Bear Ebooks — David is a very talented author working in multiple genres. His audio productions are not to be missed!

Harvey Stanbrough/StoneThread Publishing — Harvey is a master not only at fiction, but provides excellent advice to up-and-coming authors. A lot of MoonHowler Press is what it is (and will become what it does) because of his influence.

Dean Wesley Smith/WMG Publishing — Dean is the mack daddy of indie authors, achieving success most of us can only dream of. I imagine the man simply doesn’t sleep. Anyone considering self-publishing needs to check him out.

Peter C. Hayward, aka Pandora Box — The site isn’t the easiest to navigate, but particularly those looking to write/publish erotica, he has some great advice. Actually, searching his name and pseudonym in Google will get the best results from articles he’s published or been interviewed for outside his own site.

CreateSpace — Where MoonHowler Press and many other indie authors go to have paperback editions printed. The system is very easy to use. As with so much of the book world, it’s owned by The service is free, but MoonHowler Press does pay for ISBNs to publish under the company imprint.

ACX — For audio editions. Again, easy to use, and again, owned by Amazon. The service is free, though if you hire a narrator you have to  arrange payment for him/her. MoonHowler Press uses a 50/50 shared profit arrangement.

Kindle Direct Publishing — The gold standard for e-book publishing, with 85 percent of the market share. Easy to use, and obviously owned by Amazon. The service is free.

Smashwords — I find Smashwords difficult to use and MoonHowler Press titles have not sold well enough to really justify the trouble. However, Smashwords will get your titles in most places Amazon doesn’t go, including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Overdrive. The service is free.

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